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Venice, Italy: A City On The Water


Venice – it’s a beautiful city on the water in Italy, which is made up of 118 islands.

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These islands are separated by canals and streams whose number is about 150. For convenience through these ducts built 400 bridges, and on the main road connecting the mainland Venice bridge length of 4 kilometers.

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The uniqueness of the city lies in the fact that, unlike many other cities in Venice, no buses, no cars. People move only through water transport or foot.

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There are some types of transport: the vaporetto – it’s big boats, classic Venetian gondola or a taxi-boat.


Unfortunately, Venice – dying city.


Every year he became more immersed into the water, and that means only one thing – Venice may soon disappear altogether from the world map.

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Of course, this will not happen for a couple of years, so the time to visit this amazing place you’ve still got.


What to see in Venice? The main attraction of Venice is Piazza San Marco. It has always been considered a cultural, political and geographical center of Venice.


It is appropriate to recall the phrase of the great Napoleon, who soon became a kind of motto of San Marco: “This area – the most elegant drawing room in Europe”.


So it is, San Marco and in fact similar to the temporal area of Europe. On three sides of the square was surrounded by galleries, and a fourth – a beautiful cathedral.


Particularly lovely is the evening when the lights are lit on the square, and restaurants can hear subtle play violin.


Beneficial owners of the Piazza San Marco – pigeons. As the legend says, they were brought here from Cyprus for the wife of one of the Venetian doges.


We do not advise to feed pigeons – set in a law banning it. However, many tourists ignore it.


Next on the program – visit the magnificent Basilica of San Marco church, where nearly a thousand years, the remains of St. Mark. He was the only patron of the city. Around the Piazza San Marco, a lot of historical sites, monuments and the cathedral, such as the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica and bell tower of St. Mark’s Clock Tower.


When tourists come to Venice first thing sent it here. This place is worth the attention.


In general, Venice – a fairy tale, it is quite unlike other countries where you can still enjoy the clean air, a ride on a boat, where you are able to truly escape from the city with cars, buses and other means of transportation other noisy.

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But how can we talk of Venice and do not recall the Venetian carnival. This is perhaps the most vivid and colorful event in Venice. Most people associate with Venice carnival.


Began conducting this event since 1094, and it runs from 6 February to 16 February, exactly 10 days.


Originally costumes were not as diverse as today, it was just a long black cloaks and masks with long noses. But in the XVIII century by Giacomo Casanova diversified and costumes themselves and their color.

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Food in Venice exclusively Italian, main dish pasta with seafood are considered. They love to cook organic meals, so practically do not use seasoning.

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Meat is not a Venetian food, so meals out of it you almost never find.

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Is that a chop alla Milanese.


The only thing they like the Venetians – it fegato, this dish is reminiscent of cooked liver.

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Also in Venice very well, just very tasty ice cream. The wine is best to drink white, so it is best suited to the Venetian food.

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In Venice, you hardly find a cafe where you can just have a cup of good coffee or tea. Because the Venetians almost never do this, they take such drinks on the go, not even sitting at the table.

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The only place is old and famous coffee “Florian”.

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Also in Venice Venetian painting can be viewed in the Gallery of the Academy, learn the art of Venice, Correr museum, visit the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, to the attractions of Venice also refer the Grand Canal, the Bridge of Sighs.

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