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Santorini Beaches (Greece)


Red beach
Red Beach – the most famous and, according to most tourists, the most beautiful beach in Santorini – is located 12 kilometers from Fira, near the excavations of Akrotiri. The sand on Red Beach beach is brick-red in color; In the same color painted rocks, densely encircling the beach, from which, with a strong wind carries a nasty red dust, falling asleep all around. By the way, because of the surrounding rocks access to the sea is somewhat difficult, which does not interfere with beach lovers – at the height of the season on a narrow coastal strip, the apple has nowhere to fall. Near the shore in the sea there are small rocky islets – they are sent to sunbathe those who did not have enough space on the shore. Nudists on the beach almost no, but you can meet a lot of ladies who prefer to sunbathe topless.



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