8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in China

We invite you to see the most interesting things in China – the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the mountain that inspired the creators of the cult film “Avatar”, the most picturesque place of the country, the picture on the banknote 20 yuan. Here you will find two of the most extreme trails in the world – on the mountain Huashan in Zhangjiajie Park, Buddhist and Taoist monasteries, picturesque villages and boating on the Chinese Venice.


Beijing has kept the atmosphere of old China...

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14 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand – is required to attend to fans of adventure, extreme and unique nature. You can still: kayaking on the fjord trip on the mountain serpentines, the conquest of volcanoes and bathing in the geothermal sources. New Zealand is famous Cave of fireflies, Hobbiton and the Valley of the volcanoes. Here you get the most impressions.


Auckland area be sure to visit the “Golden Mile”, the ancient buildings of the government and the university, the bridge across the bay, gardens and parks ...

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15 Best Places to visit Before You Die

If you love traveling and discovering exotic paradises, you must have your list of must- travel places. These could be places you’ve simply always admired and would like to see for real, or they could be locations that have something of interest to you. However, the world is huge with a lot of beautiful places to visit which is why you should have a bucket list of these places.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This is an actual paradise on earth featuring crystal clear water beaches and a beautiful island with beautiful people that you wi...

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