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Greece – a country of islands and three seas

Greece is a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world due to its ancient history, magnificent nature, the numerous islands and the warm sea. Every year millions of tourists visit the country, bringing the country a considerable profit. In return, they get amazing opportunities for recreation and entertainment. If you are going on a journey right now, in this collection contains a top-20 best sights of Greece, which is worth a visit. Choose the most interesting among them and plan your tour in advance.

Greece - a country of islands and three seas1

Nestled in the Aegean Sea, Santorini – a beautiful Greek island about 200 kilometers south-east of the mainland...

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Azerbaijan – a country of “eternal fires”

“To each his land sweet” – so reads one of the many folk sayings Azerbaijan. Indeed, almost everyone considers his home country the best, and residents of this state are no exception. They can be proud of the many attractions of Azerbaijan, which may surprise anyone who was going to travel to these places.

Azerbaijan - a country of eternal fires1

The largest city in the country is stretched on the shores of the Gulf of ancient Baku...

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5 amazing towns in Italy

To surprise, delight and charm … Perhaps all these tasks copes Italy – one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Of course, all roads lead shopper and tourist in Rome and Milan, but I suggest all the same “break” outside of the standard routes and to explore the other, albeit small, but undeniably beautiful towns of the country.

Five amazing towns in Italy1

Alberobello. Apulia Province of Bari

Five amazing towns in Italy2

This town is unique not only for Italy, but also, perhaps, for the whole world – not for nothing that in 1996 it was included in UNESCO World Her...

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