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8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in China

We invite you to see the most interesting things in China – the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the mountain that inspired the creators of the cult film “Avatar”, the most picturesque place of the country, the picture on the banknote 20 yuan. Here you will find two of the most extreme trails in the world – on the mountain Huashan in Zhangjiajie Park, Buddhist and Taoist monasteries, picturesque villages and boating on the Chinese Venice.


Beijing has kept the atmosphere of old China...

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Kuala Lumpur Review: The Capital Of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. The city is situated in the low valley of the confluence of two rivers into one. Due to this the city got its name, which means “muddy estuary”. Here, to the delight of tourists to Kuala Lumpur almost all attractions are located in the city center. And only a few are as though aside from the bustle of the city. The climate is equatorial with sufficient rainfall and the temperature at any time of the year does not fall lower than 18 ° C.

Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia1

Petronas Twin Towers
These two magnificent buildings, one of the largest twin towers in the world...

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Malaysia – Neverland

Malaysia – a fairyland for a unique holiday.

Malaysia - Neverland1

Fascinating Malaysia, its charm, which for decades encourages tourists to travel to this country: amazing scenery, combining areas of the island of Borneo, unique ar...

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