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Bora Bora, French Polynesia: The Island Of A Dream


Nature has endowed the island of Bora Bora crystal clear water and set up near the main island of many small satellites, called – Motu. Ideal beauty lagoon, which stretches into the heart of the placers of small cozy Motu deservedly considered the jewel of the Pacific Ocean and grace!


Bora Bora is a mountain range, crowned by three vertices, with the highest point at 727 meters. It is the most popular among tourists island of French Polynesia, so the number of luxury hotels here than on the other islands combined!


In the middle of the island, above the palm trees and turquoise water of the ocean settled two similar peak – Pachia and Otemanu (as time and is the highest point of Bora Bora).


Troika of the highest points of the island – Otemanu, Pachia and Mataihua – is part of the heavily weathered edges of the crater of an extinct volcano. The central island of Bora Bora consists of basaltic lava, and Motu – from the remains of coral and sand layers.


Find this gorgeous island is 240 kilometers north-west of Tahiti. On one of the Motu airport is located on the other – a lot of hotels.


On Bora Bora are the most luxurious and most expensive hotels in the whole of French Polynesia, is a favorite vacation spot for many celebrities.


The main attraction of the island of Bora Bora lagoon can be called with the rich underwater world where you can embark on an exciting journey underwater snorkeling or diving. Here you can find a barracuda, and even sharks, which allowed even to feed, but only under the strict supervision of an instructor.


To get to Bora Bora easily by plane or on a special high-speed catamaran.
On many of the “motu” island organically arranged bungalows, built right on the water with special piles.


Another popular attraction for divers is the “road skate” – a plot of the lagoon, home to many different species of stingrays.


You can make a trip to the island itself quad bike or buggy, the benefit is a variety of attractions that are sure to impress you. But the best thing you can examine them in a measured walking tours.


Go to a walk best of Vaitape after selecting the conductor. You will be shown the ruins of more than 40 marae (ceremonial platforms), most of which are located near the settlement Faanui.


Hike to the top of Pahii, where according to legend, will go down on a rainbow god of war, will be among the orchards and just wild forests and thickets. From the top of a magnificent view of the atoll. Just below the tops of the mountains to visit both caves, where the “nest” of the colony frigates.


The best beaches (like most hotels) spread in two large bays between Pointe Paoaoa and Pointe Matira in the south-western part of the island. Here is certainly worth a visit to the famous restaurant Bloody Mary, where they like to visit celebrities whose names are engraved on a board outside.


Bora Bora Island – an ideal place for a relaxing peace and tranquility. Located right on the white sand beaches and luxurious pool. Phare will create for you an atmosphere of complete privacy and quiet lapping of the waves it will only increase.


I advise you to present as well in the evening enjoy the sunset while sitting on the terrace of the bungalow, and you will not want any other place.
Local flora and fauna is very diverse, and that’s one of a number of its representatives.