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Bali 2, Indonesia: A Perfect Holiday In Bali


Most of the people to the mandatory conditions for a perfect holiday experience of constant change, where it is possible to catch a lot – and luxuriate on the beach and enjoy a delicious meal and get acquainted with the amazing places, and choose a place for entertainment, and soak up all the beauty of scenic beauty, and Finally, to discover something new. All things? Is that possible? We can assure you, it is, if you go to the island of Bali. Beautiful views, endless blue expanse of blue, clear air, light clouds, primal nature. In Bali, the year-round summer, tropical gardens, jungle, a variety of water sports and luxury comfortable hotels.


Denpasar is the capital of the island of Bali in 1958. In translation the name of the city means “east of the market.” Denpasar is located on the southern coast of the island, between the main tourist areas of Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua and Sanur. In the 18-20 centuries was the capital of Denpasar Badung royal dynasty, and today – is a modern city, the administrative, business and shopping center of Bali.


Despite the rapid development of the city in recent years, it still has not lost its unique provincial appearance. The streets are filled with contrasts Denpasar: modern buildings coexist with rural buildings and luxury villas and temples built right in the rice fields.


Denpasar is the capital of the island of Bali in 1958. In translation the name of the city means “east of the market.” Denpasar is located on the southern coast of the island, between the main tourist areas.


Tour of Denpasar can start with Puputan Square, the historical and geographical center of the city. Here stands a monument depicting a group of people with a dagger: a woman, a man and two children. This monument is dedicated to the events of 1906, when the Dutch landed on the island of colonial troops.


The Dutch, armed with guns and heavy artillery, surrounded the royal palace of Badung. Balinese people who were not even firearms, were well aware that they can not resist the invaders, but they were not going to give up. All members of the royal family and nobles badungskoy, including women, children and servants in white ceremonial robes and expensive jewelry, fearlessly went out to meet the Dutch and made a cult ritual suicide by stabbing herself with a dagger. The Dutch were shocked by what they saw, but that did not stop the soldiers throw tear off the dying gold jewelry.


The main sanctuary of the island of Bali – the temple of Pura Besakih (Mother Temple) is located on the slopes of the sacred mountain Gunung Agung, at an altitude of 1000 meters above the ocean. The road to the temple is through picturesque rice paddies and sacred places. For the construction of this colossal structure in the 11th century united all Balinese kingdom, and to this day the temple Pura Besakih is the main sanctuary for all the inhabitants of the island.


The temple Pura Besakih – it’s not a single building, but a series of thirty-two separate churches (clan, caste, community) located on seven terraced pyramid. Pura Besakih complex is perfectly preserved, and his whole appearance gives the impression of something great and grand.


It should be noted that any Balinese temple has no internal space – it is not a closed room, and a spacious courtyard where the altars, statues of gods, ritual altars. Unlike European churches with rich interior decoration, inside a Balinese temple is almost empty, but from the outside it is a work of art: the whole yard, gates, stairs and ledges are covered with carved stone ornaments with images of gods, animals, dragons, plants.


Like every Balinese temple, Pura Besakih is composed of three yards. The first courtyard – the entrance to the sanctuary, which are about fifty of carved stone steps. The first and second set of quads together artfully decorated pyramidal towers, through which enter the gods and mortals must pass through openings in the wall.


In the second part of the courtyard is a chore to where the barns for storing grain, areas for cockfights and signal towers. There are also stone thrones and sculptures of gods Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma, to whom bring sacrifices. In the third courtyard houses the main sanctuary of the temple, the throne of the spirit of the great mountain Gunung Agung – the supreme god.


Mount Batur is considered the third most important sacred mountain in Bali. The height of this active volcano reaches 1,118 meters, and in the crater at its foot, like a rare gem, shining beautiful Lake Batur. From the summit of the volcano breathtaking views of Bali and neighboring islands. The best time to visit the volcano – early morning, since due to the high humidity in the afternoon the tip of the mountain covered with clouds.


Kintamani Volcano is located high in the mountains and is the largest active volcano in south-east Asia. The main purpose of our trip – amazing scenery, open top, Lake Batur and surroundings. Along the way, remains to be seen a lot of interesting things, so – let’s go!

So, we are on the southwest coast of the island, in the province of Pura Tamat Aaiun. Here is the mystical temple of Tanah Lot – which means “temple of the land in the ocean”, the main sanctuary of the island until 1891. Part of the building facing the land is dedicated to the gods of the mountain Gunung Batukaev, and the sea – the goddess of the ocean Betar Tengah Segara.


Miniature church building does not look like anything else in the world: perched on a rock near the surf line, at high tide the temple turns into an island in the middle of the ocean. Tanah Lot is best known as the most photogenic temple in Bali – all his charm opens in all its glory during sunset – it is so incredibly beautiful that it simply must be seen!


In Ubud there is no white sand beaches and the ocean, so for many tourists this Alpine resort and remains unexplored area. Occupying a central location on the island of Bali, Ubud is also a major center for arts and crafts. Perhaps this is not surprising, as local landscapes unusually lofty and poetic, and filled with a special, exquisite charm. Today it rose modern boutique hotels, luxury villas, numerous restaurants and souvenir shops, but the main reason why everyone wants to Ubud – it is traditional crafts, which is still famous for the surrounding villages. It is often referred to Ubud “real Bali” – over the past centuries its inhabitants still draw, compose music, busy carving wood and stone.